Starting a small business brings with it mountains of wins, moments of self-doubt, and many hats you must wear as an entrepreneur. Your product or service has meaning; you want it to change the world. But just how do you let the public know of your existence?

Marketing is simple on the surface, but far more complicated once you lift the hood and see what makes it run. As the digital era consumes more of the public’s eye, your online marketing engine must be supercharged, and we at Mountain South Media understand that it is a forte you’ve had to learn to respect.

Several entrepreneurs understand both the importance of marketing and what type of digital media resonates with their customers; however, there are still endless questions surrounding other digital media idiosyncrasies that our team of online marketing experts can surely answer.

How Do You Advertise Online?  

This is more of a content-related question than one that pertains to the usage of technology. You know your business’s mission, and back story inside and out and likely understand how to physically use social media outlets, yet you do not know where to begin with merging a story with outlets.

Grabbing the attention of millions upon millions of individuals often numbly scrolling through their social media feeds is a challenge, which is why your content matters. One of the best ways to advertise online as a small business is to create interactive content.

Interactive content is proven to resonate in a multigenerational way, whether it is a survey around a topic in your industry that potential customers participate in, or something as elaborate as a brief interactive game that relates to a new product of yours. Implementing something that makes an individual feel physically involved has staying power.

What Is Reputation Management Marketing?

The interactivity mentioned above has already existed on the technical side of online marketing outlets, including commenting, sharing, and now upvoting and downvoting. Coupling your interactive content marketing approach with actual customer interaction builds your brand.

The hyper-connectivity of the world and the desire for instant gratification makes reputation management marketing the very lifeblood of many small and large businesses. This is the new word-of-mouth marketing, as if reviews left online are a real-time view of someone ‘singing your praises to their friends.

Having a team like ours at Mountain South Media handle your online reputation ensures that no comment will go unaddressed and no message unanswered. This allows your brand the chance to grow and reflect a positive image while you maintain focus on your role as the business leader.

Call In The Pros!

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