The artificial intelligence (AI) market is projected to be roughly $36.8 billion by 2025. As companies begin to use AI as part of their products and services, large and small businesses are slowly beginning to incorporate AI into their digital marketing services. With these strategies, businesses can collect and analyze valuable data that allows them to interact directly with their target audience, tailoring and customizing the user experience to show them exactly what they’re looking for.

When used properly, AI can be hugely beneficial to businesses marketing strategies! So, how can you bring AI into your marketing plan? Let’s look at how artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing, so you can start working smarter and not harder:

  • Chatbots. Chatbots are one of the most popular uses of artificial intelligence, as they can give users 24/7 customer service without any extra work from you. Imagine a potential customer has questions about your company’s services. Through a chatbot, customers can ask the bot the question as if they are talking to an actual human. This gives them an immediate answer, even after work hours. Additionally, the chatbot can provide you with essential information about the customers, as you’ll quickly see the messaging, products, and information they are looking for by the questions they ask. You can use this data to further improve your website.

  • Emails. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and AI can help you target these messages with customized email marketing campaigns. Depending on user behaviors, you can send different marketing emails to different people. This gets relevant information to the right customer to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) marketing services and further customize their experience with your business.

  • Promotional Material. Like email marketing, AI can also improve the use of your promotional material. For example, a user visits your website and adds products to their shopping cart but doesn’t complete a purchase. AI can send promotional material to users, encouraging them to finish their purchases. From promotional discount codes, freebies, and other incentives, this personalized promotional material may make the difference in purchasing or not purchasing.

  • Content. AI can better understand what attracts your target audience’s attention, giving you crucial information about what kind of content you should create on your marketing channels. For example, suppose your target audience responds well to video marketing and less to blogs. In that case, spending more time making and posting company videos than writing blogs for your website is in your favor. Similarly, some sites use AI to recommend similar content on the site that may interest a user based on their earlier behavior. You may have experienced this type of marketing on Youtube, which suggests videos to watch relevant to the video you’re currently watching. This can funnel more customers to other products and services you offer.

  • Image Recognition. Image recognition is one of the biggest forms of digital marketing companies use to customize the user experience. Retailers may use this in the form of a search on their website. Say a user is looking for a specific product, like a pair of shoes or something similar. Instead of using keywords to find relevant products, users can search using a photo of the exact product they’re looking for. AI image recognition will bring up search results that exactly or similarly match the searched image, making the user experience much more accessible and easier.

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