If the COVID 19 pandemic has taught the world anything, it’s breaking the mold that a 9-5 job needs to be done in a brick and mortar location. The whole workforce adapted and changed with the punches of 2020 and in some respects it forced people to examine their current roles and look for opportunities of growth on their own. If you have an entrapurianal spirit, a strong Internet connection, and a quiet place to work, here are some online business ideas you might want to consider, according to NerdWallet. 

Freelance writing

If you’re skilled in words instead, you might become a freelance writer. So long as you’ve got an internet connection and a keyboard, you can contribute blog posts. It helps if you’ve got a special area of interest or expertise, so your employers will know you’re qualified to comment on certain topics. However, the most important factor will always be your writing. Can you write clearly? Do you take the time and effort to really understand what you’re talking about? Are you appealing to the right readers? If you’re confident in your writing skills, then this online business idea is ideal.


If you’re a great writer but aren’t so interested in publishing original material, we’ve still got some easy online business ideas for you. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, for example, then translating could be the ideal job. You can do it wherever you’d like, so long as you’ve got the text you’re working on and you understand the goal of the translation.


Editing comes in many shapes and sizes, from copyediting a company’s marketing materials to proofreading novels to indexing academic manuscripts. As long as you’ve got a sharp eye for detail, a strong grasp of grammar and a willingness to get in the weeds, then editing could be a great business idea if you’re interested in working when and how you want.


For those gifted in photography, you might as well turn your passion into a paycheck. Stock photo sites like Shutterstock and iStock will give you a commission on the pictures you sell, so if you’re comfortable sharing your lens with millions of others, this is an easy and convenient way to fund your freedom. Plus, if you’re particularly talented, you might want to sell your photos on more exclusive sites with higher commission rates — or even your own website or internet store.

Business coaching

You’ll need a good track record and a variety of testimonials to back you up, but the business coaching industry is on the rise — so now’s the time to join in. You can charge anywhere from under $100 to several times that, depending on your credentials and effectiveness, and it’s perfectly acceptable to coach over the phone or video chat instead of face-to-face. So if you’re interested in fixing up other businesses, and getting paid for it, then check this online business idea out.

Online cooking instruction

Do you have an affinity for cooking or baking? Showcasing your skills online via virtual cooking classes is a great way to earn money while doing something you love.  There are a variety of ways you can structure your cooking business — you can offer one-on-one instruction videos, host live classes and even create workshops and cooking programs. This easy business idea could even translate into a cooking blog, e-books, cookbooks and linking your favorite cooking and baking supplies through affiliate marketing.

The sky’s the limit, these are just some of the many choices you might want to consider when it comes to creating your own online business.  An idea becomes a reality with a great partner! Contact the professionals at Mountain South Media today. Our team of committed marketers have the knowledge and experience that will help your business grow. To contact us, call 828-452-4251 or visit our website.