While we’ve certainly seen a rise in Social Media sales activity the past 24 months…our old friend and stand by Email Marketing is still a very powerful channel! Borrell’s Chart of the Week reinforced that fact this week when Merchants said that Email was their most effective Digital Channel…ahead of social. (see chart below)

We help Merchants with their Email in three key ways:

1) Email Newsletter Management – We help merchants manage monthly Email Newsletters and grow their subscriber lists. We provide custom newsletter design, monthly content updates (copy, graphics, photos) and execute the send with reporting included.

2) Email & Content Marketing Automation – especially valuable for B2B clients, email is key component of a strong marketing automation program. Using the client’s existing list as well as new emails converted via Splash Pages and other inbound inquiries, we send automated emails to potential prospects based on their area of interest…pulling them deeper into the purchase funnel. If your client is sitting on an existing or potential customer list…we can help them get the most from that valuable asset. We add the marketing automation tags to their site to track visitors and can also develop other content…including Blogs, White Papers, Videos and more.

3) Email Marketing Blasts – we have access to both consumer and b2b lists…and can target email blasts at the zip code level by wide variety of targeting specs. Email marketing blasts bundle really well with print & deliver programs, mobile GEO targeting, social media and more.

Let us know if we can help you make more money with email marketing!