With so many forms of digital marketing advertising out there, you might be wondering, what’s the best kind of ad for my business? You’ve probably heard of the importance of social media and SEO, but have you heard of Google Display Advertising? It may be more beneficial to you than you know.

Even if you’ve never heard of Google Display Advertising, you’ve seen it. Those little picture banners on the side of a website advertising some of your favorite products? That’s a Google Display Ad! These ads have an extremely far reach, with Google recording that display ads reach over 90% of internet users across 2 million different sites. As a result, using Google Display Advertising can seriously put you ahead of your competitors, especially when used efficiently and correctly.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Google Display Advertising:

What are the benefits of using Google Display Advertising?
Google Display ads have the potential to reach huge amounts of people. Display ads also allow for different kinds of ads, run ads on Gmail, and remarketing, meaning you can allow cookies to be deposited on a user’s computer that visits your website, so your ad shows up on every website they visit. Plus, like many other digital advertising platforms, you can record and track results from your Google Display ads, so you know where and how to improve.

What kind of ads can I display?
You can display four different ads on the display network: text, image, rich media (interactive ads, GIFs, or a carousel of products), or video. Image ads are extremely popular; however, video ads are gaining popularity since Youtube is part of the Google Display network. You can put your ads next to the videos users are watching.

Can I target audiences on the Google Display network?
Absolutely! There are several ways you can target your audiences so that your ads reach the people you think will be most interested in your product or service. You can target audiences by:
Placement targeting – choosing what websites and the types of industry your ads will show up on.
Contextual targeting – keywords related to your brand’s products and services.
Topic targeting – choosing from a given list of topics.
Interest targeting – targeting according to your user’s interests.

Are there any tips a first-time Google Display user should know?
What works for one company may not be the same for another, but a few things to keep in mind are to work with your budget and to create simple, visual ads in multiple formats. Easy to read/see ads will resonate most with viewers, and different forms of that ad will keep your material fresh. As for budget, start with something small that you’re comfortable with and build from there. This way, you can see what parts of your strategy are working and where you can spend more of your budget.

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