Social media is a powerful marketing tool. The downside? It’s hard to figure out the best way to use it. This blog will walk you through some of the most effective ways to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy. We’ll dive into Facebook, which has more than 1 billion active monthly users and is one of the most popular platforms for marketers today.

How to effectively use Facebook as a marketing strategy 

  • Create a Facebook page. You want to include your business name, contact information, and hours of operation in the “About” section
  • Add an offer or giveaway on your page that encourages people to like you and share with their friends (e.g., buy one get one free)
  •  Include pictures of what’s happening, events, or even consider going live to engage your target audience 
  • Use Facebook ads to create a demand and build your audience. You can target specific demographics with the best interests, likes, and behaviors based on data you collect from their profiles or by using insights. 
  • Keep track of what’s working for you so that you can continue to test different strategies. For example, if someone shares a post and it gets more than 25 likes, you can continue to share similar posts.
  • Engage with people who have “liked” your page by asking them questions in the comments or posting on their wall. You may also want to ask followers for feedback about what they are interested in seeing from your company. 

Only post relevant information 

If you’re not sure what can be posted to your company’s social media profiles, ask yourself if it is relevant or interesting. Avoid any discussions about hot-button issues that may divide people and start a comment war on posts!

Be consistent 

Staying consistent with your posts is the key to social media success. You want to post often enough that people don’t get irritated, but not so much that they start unfollowing and reporting you as spam or abuse! Make a schedule for yourself at least twice per week on whatever sites you use- this will keep customers happy, aware of what’s going on in their favorite brands’ lives (not too intrusive!)

Seek inspiration from unlikely places

Inspiration can be found in many places, but why not start with your competitors? Learn from their successes and failures to find the perfect social media voice for you.

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